Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Redmi Note 5 Pro Heating Issue: Why Is It Hot & How To Fix Hotness

If you have found your way into this page then probably, you must be worried about Redmi note 5 pro heating issue.

And luckily for you, after reading this article, you won't have to worry about your phone, heating this bad. And stealing from the ideas I will share, you can also apply it to other phone model having the same heating problems.

Best Way To Convert Mov To Mp4 Online For Free In 2019

Yeah, I know you want to convert MOV to MP4 online and probably you don't how to.

Keep calm. You don't have to worry anymore after reading this article. You will simply learn how to convert .mov to .mp4 video file extensions in a few seconds.

And again, the method (or the tool) I'm going to share with you today is not the "Convert and Go" type of stuff.

With the below guide, you will be able to convert as many files as you want. Starting from .mp3, m4a, .mov, mp4 and more.
4 Unknown Methods To Fix Kingroot App Not Installed [100% Working]

Ouch!!! Kingroot app not installed.

Anytime I try to install Kingroot on my Android phone, this is the error I see.

Is this an error you are seeing? This article is for you.

Today I will be exposing the secret I use to bypass the error anytime it comes up on my phone or a friend’s device as well.

After reading a guide online on how to do this or that which benefits you someway and it all requires root access to get this stuff done.

With much excitements, you quickly download Kingroot app and try installing but shit, Kingroot app won’t install.

It feels like hell right?

Keep calm, remember I earlier told you that there are several ways to bypass this error anytime it comes up.
Is Your Facebook Page Not Loading Properly? Here Is A Quick Fix For You
My Facebook page is not loading properly is one major complaint I've been receiving from members for a while now.

Here is complain from a user;

I logged in facebook and everything was going just fine until after a while all links fail to be accessible.

Another user laid a different complaint on the "Facebook page not loading problem",

Here he says; Facebook won't load properly even though I surf through other web pages easily.

And much more related complains like below...
  1. My facebook is not working properly
  2. Facebook not loading properly on android
  3. My Facebook is not responding
  4. Facebook page won't load all the way
  5. Why is my facebook not working on my phone
  6. And more like that...
Read: How to Resolve / Fix Facebook Lite Errors
Yeah, no doubts I know that's why you are here. You are looking for a working method to help you resolve this Facebook loading problem.

You don't need to worry any more coz all these are going to be a story of the past after reading this post.

In a few seconds, I will give you a good list of things you are to do each time you encounter this problem.
How To Use Single Name On Facebook [3 Easiest Tricks 2019]
Hello everyone, hope you're chilling.
So today I will be sharing with you all top tricks on how to use a single name on Facebook easily.

As you already know, it's never an easy task to use a single name or hide your last name on Facebook since it was required on the day of your sign up. For real it's not a free ticket for every, just for some categories of people were was born with one name for life. Don't get me wrong you are not paying for this trick I'm giving it free here in this post.