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How To Send free SMS on MTN 2018 |[Two(2) Easiest Methods]|

YO! It’s quite normal for one to run out of airtime and may not be able to recharge at the moment.

It happens. And have happened to me times without number as at then, when I have no idea how to recharge from my diamond account.

It’s really funny and I wish I never spent my precious money on airtime just to send SMS on MTN. But I won’t have to worry right? It was all about being unaware.

And yeah, you are so lucky to be here coz in a very short time; I will be showing you the trick I personally use to send SMS for free on MTN as at now.
Designed by Sylvester Chidi

It’s all about some codes.

Also bringing to your notice that this service was officially launched by MTN some time ago, so you have nothing to worry about. It won’t be canceled anytime soon.

But just before I reveal them to you, I’d like to let you know that to send free SMS on MTN, it is either you want the person to call you or you want to pass a different message to someone.


So you can really see that this trick is divided into two.
  1. The please call me service. And
  2. Your usual intentional SMS.
And below are the steps to send free SMS on MTN.


 There are two methods I use to send SMS for free using MTN. Check them out below...


This one is simple and I use it almost every time I’m short on airtime.

Actually, how I formally do it is –
  • Open my Android Dialer App.
  • Type in *133*Recipient number#
    My old method of sending free sms on mtn asking someone to call me.
And that’s it. The person will receive my text and call back.

But wait; hope you know what recipient means. The person you are sending the text message to. And can also be called the Receiver.

And now, it is no more as simple.

Below is how to ask someone to call you currently…
  • Kindly Open Dialer App on your device.
  • Type in *133# and send. A menu will pop up.
    New mothod of sending free sms on mtn asking someone to call me back.
  • Now Type in the number you want to send to. 
  • Tap send. Another menu will come up.
  • Now select your preferred choice. (call me, please call me, I love you, I need your assistance, blah blah blah.
  • Now Send. 
  • After that, you should see a successful message like below...
    You have successfully sent free sms on mtn asking someone to call you.
You can clearly see that the steps are similar.

The first one can be easier to copy and paste recipient number on dialer but the current please call me service is different. You will have to either cram receivers’ number or write it down somewhere so you don’t have to forget.

No matter what! Both are simply right? Since it’s all free SMS.


So the above steps are how to send free SMS on MTN to MTN asking the recipient to call you back.

Now let's see how to send informational SMS for free on MTN.


This one is simple as well

Or do I say; it is far easier than the other.

Don’t need any app to power your message to be sent for free. All you have to do is to…
  • Open your Messaging App as the same way you use in sending normal SMS.
  • Type your message
    It is time to type you free sms
Now in the section where you are asked to add receivers’ number,
  • Just add “38708” before “receiver’s number” e.g. “3870808034465758”
    The receiver here, is the person you sending free sms to
  • Then Send.
You are good.

And that’s all you need to send free SMS on MTN.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Above steps only works with MTN to MTN line. You can see how to send unlimited SMS for free on any network here.

In conclusion

Sending free SMS is simpler than you think.

Like you call and text on a regular base. You can as well send free SMS as an MTN user.

And as I have stated earlier, you can either send free SMS on MTN by asking someone to call you back as you are short on credit or send personal information to someone all for free.

Believe me; if you follow the above steps you will be able to send free SMS on MTN anytime, anywhere.

Do you have an alternative? Which other way do you currently use to send SMS for free? Do you find this post helpful?

Of course, I will Love to hear from you.

More Peace and Blessings…

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Friday, 2 November 2018

[MTN INTERNET SETTINGS] 1 Crazy Trick To Browse Faster On Mtn
Even though MTN is one of the best network providers in Nigeria when it comes to speed, there are still sometimes in which their services tends to misbehave even while data connection is ON and your mtn internet settings are correct.

When in a serious time browsing the internet or maybe chatting on social media, you notice a kind of sluggishness in network. Sometimes it may cause errors loading. (I.e. website may not load properly anymore)

Friday, 19 October 2018

Facebook Page Not Loading Properly | Here Is A Quick Fix For You
My Facebook page not loading properly is one major complain i've been recieving from members for a while now.

Here is complain from a user;

I logged in facebook and everything was going just fine until after a while all links fails to be accessible.

Another user laid a different complain on "facebook page not loading problem",

Here he says; Facebook won't load properly even though I surf through other webpages easily.

And many more related complains like below...
  1. My facebook is not working properly
  2. Facebook not loading properly on android
  3. My Facebook is not responding
  4. Facebook page won't load all the way
  5. Why is my facebook not working on my phone
  6. And more like that...
Read: How to Resolve / Fix Facebook Lite Errors
Yeah, no doubts i know that's why you are here. You are looking for a working method to help you resolve this Facebook loading problem.

You don't need to worry any more coz all these are going to be a story of the past after reading this post.

In few seconds i will give you a good list of things you are to do each time you encounter this problem.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

How To Check Glo Data Balance: Two(2) Best Methods +Bonus
Yes, i know you have stumbled on this post because you want to know how to check glo data balance. You need not to worry. That's what this post is written for.
How to check glo data balance

It's quite easy to forget how to check glo balance. It's a normal thing. Especially when you're not the techy type.

Now, it's not a problem to buy a data plan, but how to check and monitor it. And yes, it is very important always know how to check glo data plan via sms, online or via Ussd to enable you monitor your purchased data if glo is consuming more data, even faster.

Still on that, iOS users are also in need of help on how to check glo data balance on Ipad. Don't worry much, after reading this post you will be able to check glo data balance on android and other devices without stress.


Checking glo data balance is quite simple, kindly below steps to make it possible. I'll be including extra tips on how to check glo bonus data balance as well, so just keep calm and select you choice.

Check Via SMS
There are many ways to check glo check glo data balance and one is via SMS. Yeah with a short message sent to glo you will immediately receive your data balance details in secounds.
  • Send INFO to 127
Immediately you'll receive a message from glo having the data balance statement plus puchased date and expiry date.

Check via USSD
Using your dialer, you can possibly see your glo data balance in seconds. This method is more faster and easier to follow.

And Why that?

Dialer is always on phone Home Screen, One o'Clock you're done. So what is the code to check glo data balance(USSD)?
  • Kindly open Dialer
  • Type *127*0# and send.
You make choose check data based on puchased plan type. It's Simple and OK either.
  •  Just open Dialer
  • Type and dial *777#
  • Select Buy Data(by sending 1)
On next Screen,
  • Select Manage Plan(by sending 4)
  • Now select your active data plan to see balance.


Network providers can be funny at times, they may just deside to give you free data bonus either as a new user or an active user.

Now what if i was given free data bonus on Glo how do i check it? Below is how to.
  •  Simply dial *122#  or 
  • Alternatively Dial *606#
Immediately you will see pop-up giving you details of your data bonus. Glo might send you a message.

For Glo 200% Bonus, Kindly dial below ussd code.
  • Dial *122*10# and that's it.
Yeah and above is how to  check glo data balance on a device. I believe you can now do it yourself. And also make sure you bookmark or save this page so you can get in touch when ever you forget.

And For more information about glo data balance and more kindly visit their official website at, you are good.

You can as well watch below video for more info.

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Smart Strategies To Open Clickbank Account For Unaccepted Countries
 Opening a click bank account in Nigeria and other unaccepted countries has been a major problem for many. Actually i used to be under this category until i arrived at the steps in this post. So you don't have to worry, in short time, i will give you the smart strategies i used to open click bank account in Nigeria and other countries.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

How To Resolve/Fix Facebook Lite Error
Sometimes Facebook lite begins to malfunction at a point where you require fast action. You try pressing back button but all it does is repeat two(2) particular screen and never goes back which is the action you require. Hope you got the point? If you must have encountered such ever before, this article has the solution to the problem.
When Do This Error Occur?
What baffles me most is after being online for a longtime, accessing interesting groups and pages, all of a sudden the error begins, I get stuck and can't go back or proceed forward.
Choi... So bad. I know the big, known, popular solution to resolve this is to exit Facebook lite and open again but how do I continue where I stopped with my previous surfing.

In few seconds all this problems will be resolved and you're never going to get stuck anymore or restart Facebook in order to keep surfing. And below is how I got the the solution to solve this Facebook Lite malfunction or error  pa say.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How To Use Single Name On Facebook Mobile[Android, iOs, Others]
Yeah, some days ago i shared a post on how to use single name on facebook. Meanwhile i did some explanations on requirements/recommendations to do that but unfortunately, it seems not every has a PC and majority prefer using their smartphones for internet stuffs. So because of that, i have decided to make some research for you and decovered it's as well possible to create a single name Facebook account using any mobile phone.

In few minutes i will show you how to remove last name on facebook from mobile
Create Single Name Facebook Account On Mobile
Use Single Name On Facebook Mobile

Now Let proceed...
Read More: [COMPLETE GUIDE]How To Use Single Name On Facebook


There is no much difference creating a single name account on PC or Mobile, the steps are very similar. Following below steps will help you get success on how to hide last name on facebook

Get UC Browser
The first step is to download latest version of UC Browser. This app will help change network proxy address. Yes if you have read the complete guide "how to remove last name on Facebook 2018", you see really well that Indonesians are the only ones allowed to have one name on their Profile.

But there is simple trick to make single name Facebook account as someone who don't leave in indonesia. You're to change proxy address in order to convince Facebook that you live in Indonesia. This way, you are good to go.

How To Change Proxy Address or Browser Language

After downloading UC Browser successfully, next is to change network IP/Proxy Address.
To change Proxy,
  • Open UC Browser you downloaded earlier. [Latest Version Recommended]
  • Tap on 3dash, located at the button-center on your screen
    Click 3dash
  • Tap on Settings icon, located at the button-left corner on browser screen
    Go to Settings
  • Tap on Browser Language and select Bahasa Indonesia
    Select Browser Language -Bahasa Indonesia
  • Now log in with your log in details
Change Facebook Language
  • Go to Settings(Facebook Account Settings i mean)
  • Tap on Language and select Bahasa Indonesia as Facebook language
Edit Name
  • Go to General(Facebook settings as well)
  • Tap on Name, Edit First Name and Remove/Clear Last Name
  • Now tap on Review Changes.
Note that review won't work if you recently change your Facebook name, you will have to wait for after 60days. Then you get success.[IMPORTANT NOTE]
  • On the next screen choose name and Save Changes.
From this moment your friends will always see a single name on your Facebook profile.

Now if you wish to change back to your preferred language,
kindly go back to UC Browser Settings, Change Language, Log in Facebook, Change Language as well and that's it.

Yes, you have just learned how to use single on facebook Mobile. It's now up to you to give it a shut or keep starring? lol.☺

Encountering any problem? Don't hesitate to let me know in comment section. Share your success stories as well to help others too.

Peace And Blessings...

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

How To Use Single Name On Facebook
Hello everyone, hope you're chilling.
So today i will be sharing with you all top tricks on how to use single name on Facebook easily.

As you already know, it's never an easy task to use single name or hide last name on Facebook since it was required on the day of your sign up. For real it not free ticket for every, just for some categories of people who was born with one name for life. Don't get me wrong you are not paying for this trick i'm giving it free here in this post.

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