The Complete Guide to Format/Reset A Phone

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Today, I'm going to give you some hints on how to format a phone whether it's ON or turned OFF.

For you to format your phone, it might be as a result of an issue maybe you got short of storage space, Phone seizing, to much ram consumed and other related issues.

Of course, it's a very good idea to format or refresh the phone for it to come back with its previous status, also regain its speed and more other things. Anyway, I know how it feels to lose a huge amount of files just like that but that's not a problem. You can as well move these file to SD-card or if you have a PC you can also move them to a specific folder where you can get it back after this format is done. And format personal Info's which you can't move or copy you can Backup, I think Google has done well by providing that.
Format Android, iOS, Java/Symbian Phone
Format A Phone

Now let's follow the below steps to see the complete guide to format a phone both ON/OFF.


~The Complete Guide~


To format an android phone when it's Off.
Format Android, iOS, Java/Symbian Phone
Android Icon
➧ Press/Hold Power and Upper Volume button at the same time.
➧ When the phone turns on, it won't boot it will display a screen related to
    "Android Icon with label(No Command)"
➧ Now press power/volume button to go to the next screen.

In this part, you can't control anything with your Touch-Pad but don't worry continue reading.

➧ Use the Upper/lower volume button to control the cursor to "wipe data/factory reset" then select using the upper volume/Power button.

The Formatting process will start immediately in no time. Make sure you wait. Then after that, the phone will reboot by itself.

➧ You have successfully formatted your Android phone when it's switched Off.

To Format Android when it's On, follow these steps...

Android 4.0+

➧ Goto-> Settings-> Backup & Reset-> Tap on Data Reset or something related.

Android 5.0+

➧ Go to -> Settings-> Factory reset data-> Factory data reset
➧ Now type in your password(if required).

After this, wait for sometime for the process to be completed. Remember don't to touch anything just wait for the phone to reboot itself.


To format when it's turned Off.
Format Android, iOS, Java/Symbian Phone
Java Icon
 ➧ Press/Hold
* + 3 + Call(green) button + Power button.
➧ Don't leave it until it displays a screen asking you to select a language.
➧ Select your preferred language and that's it. You Java phone successfully formatted.

To format a java/Symbian mobile when it's On

➧ Go to -> Restore  Factory Settings-> Then accept Restore All. Or type in *#7370# a screen will display just accept and...
➧ Type in your Code(if required).

That's all you need to format a java/Symbian mobile whether ON/OFF.
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Hope the post was helpful. Don't keep things to yourself, if you have any problem following the steps above don't hesitate to let us know, we are always glad and here to help you.

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