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How to Format/Reset iOS(iPhone, iPod...)

It seems like iPhone is the most wanted phone this days. People admires it a lot, and to be sincere
i also admire the fact that iPhone has great features. When it  comes to RAM of course, iPhone has it and other tempting features you may like or even think of.

Now you have gotten one, but due to some issues you may decide to reset your iOS maybe you run short of
memory, you want to sell it to someone else or any related issues like that.
Format iOS(iPhone, iPod ...
Reset iOS
If you wish to reset your iPhone, kindly follow the below steps carefully to get it done. But wait, before getting you iPhone formatted you have to consider the following...

Your Personal Information
Before you take further steps to format you iPhone, you have to put your this into consideration, you know your personal information involves Accounts your have sign up in the past, Contact which are phone numbers you can use to reach friends and family, what about your messages and other Info's like that.

Your Files
This one consists of different varieties. It depends on what you like most. In the dimension, things like Music, Video, gif(Animations), Applications etc. You should as well bear it in mind that as son as you hit the format button all this files will be no more unless you chose to back them up for later purposes.

I think by now you had still desire to format your iPhone. Anyway to get this done, follow all steps given below...

~The Best Guide ~

First, Backup All Data. But if  you feel you don't need them, just skip that and keep reading...

➧ Download And Install iMyphone Umate to your PC
Mac User Download here
Windows Users Download here

Note that this software works on different types of iOS whether iPhone 7, iPhone 6 & 6s plus, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and more others. So don't be confused give yours a try.

➧ Connect iPhone to Pc
Now after successfully download and installing iMyphone Umate, you will see some guides on screen to help you launch the program. Make sure you follow the step correctly to launch it.
Plug in USB from iPhone to PC.

➧ Select A Plan/Mode
At this time, you have to choose the action you wish to take and since you want erase you iOS, it is required that you Choose Erase All Data.

To Erase all data, all your personal information will deleted permanently. Like I said before you can backup personal data if you wish restore them later.

➧ Now Select A Level
I recommend the default Medium level to start. You can as well unregister your iPhone from this website. But if you may continue using the phone u can leave it registered.

➧ Verification/Confirmation
For iMyPhone Umate to verify/confirm that you really want to erase all the data on your iPhone, you will be asked to type in "delete" or any text at all to confirm your request.

You have successfully erased your iPhone. Read Complete guide to Format/Reset Android, Java/Symbian phones.

Yeah, am done with my own part. It's now over to you, to tell me your experience on the above processes via comment section.

More peace and blessings...
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