Airtel Informs Users On Upcoming Upgrade

Using this medium to inform you all about the message I received from Airtel yesterday.

I was just on my own calmly taking my usual coffee😊, when my phone vibrated with its normal sounds(Notification tone). I quickly rushed and go get the phone only to notice that it was Airtel Network Service. Like seriously, I never wanted to read it coz I know they've come with another story again.

Now when I opened the text, see what I saw.
Airtel Informs Users On Upcoming Upgrade
Airtel Informs Users On Upcoming Upgrade

Looking at the above screenshot you can see that it's up to 99+ unread messages. That's for you to see how much I hate seeing Network Services annoying texts. Anyways don't get me wrong, I really love their free stuff(bonuses)😂.

Well, as you can see according to the above screenshot. They are trying to inform you us consigning the upcoming poor network service on airtel on 4th of July 2017.


As stated above, they said it's as a result of upgrade starting from 12am to 4am. Don't really know if it's going to take the whole day or just the 4hours given but just relax since you have been informed.

Kindly share with friends and family, for them to get informed if airtel haven't done that.

More peace and blessings.
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