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How To Increase/Boost Airtel 2G Plan Browsing Speed

It's now clear to most of us that Airtel has introduced this plan long time ago known as Airtel 2G Unlimited Pack.

This plan in particular is very cheap for both students and workers to buy. Of course, it's 2GB For N200 and 6GB For N500 but one major complain I have been getting from people is the speed.

Yeah... People keep complaining that the plan is very slow in connection. And that's one reason why they keep running away from it and yes I guess that's why you're not currently using this plan. Isn't it?
But there is currently a working way to boost its browsing speed.
Best Way To Increase Airtel 2G Plan Browsing Speed
Increase Airtel 2G Plan Browsing Speed
Yes, that's what I said. There is one legit way I tried yesterday and it worked perfectly.
Why not give it a try following the below tips...


Buy Data
Firstly, you have to subscribe for the plan here...

Skip above step if you already purchased the plan..
Read on...

Restrict App Background Data
This feature helps to end up unaware connections (I.e it automatically stops additional connections aside from your current), which means if you leave Facebook, its connection is turned off immediately. Same thing applies to other apps using data connections.
Come to think of it...

Back then when we use little java and symbian devices, [E] which was 2G Network service was fast. But why is it an issue on android devices?
Apps keeps running even without your permission on android.

Read- How To Stop Running Apps On Android
Now below is how to Activate this Feature...
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap On Data Usage
  • Select/Tap Airtel NGBest Way To Increase Airtel 2G Plan Browsing Speed
  • Tap On The 'Three(3)dots' At The Top-Right-Corner of your screen
  • Select Restrict App Background DataBest Way To Increase Airtel 2G Plan Browsing Speed
You can Restrict apps manually by clicking on them one after another...
Stop Running Apps

That's All... Enjoy The Speed
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