Best Trick To Stop/Cancel Download On Android

This post will guide you on how to cancel download progress on Android.

Most times you turn on data or WiFi and then start up a download by mistake or maybe Files Auto Download is active on your device and in one way or another, you try to cancel its process but nothing happened instead your data keep getting consumed by the files being downloaded.
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This tutorial will cover different methods on how to pause, stop or cancel downloading progress on any android.


Android must have skipped a really useful step by not adding a click to action button to pause or cancel download on default browsers expect one chooses to use some other third party apps for browsing and downloads.
Stop/Cancel Download On Android
Stop/Cancel Download On Android
Below are different ways to cancel download on Android.


One good step to cancel download on Android is to turn OFF data connections and WiFi. Yeah, this is the easiest method to get this done on android. See below how to turn OFF data connections or WiFi.


  • Goto Settings
  • Tap on Data Usage
  • Select current Network Tab
    Select Network Tab
  • Turn OFF Cellular Data Switch
    Turn OFF Cellular Data

  • Drag down Notification Bar and Tap on data connection Icon.


  • Goto Settings
  • Tap on WiFi
  • Turn OFF WiFi Switch
    Turn OFF WiFi
Method One is a normal first thing to do in order to Cancel Downloading Progress. The download may wait for a while and then continue progress immediately Data or WiFi Connection is turned ON. Read Method 2 and 3 to stop/cancel download permanently.

Method Two


In this method, you are to delete the current file you are downloading by accessing an app called Downloads or Download manager all depends on your android version.

Now see below with screenshot how to delete file downloading progress.
  • Open Downloads App
Then on the drawer, you will see the list of all downloaded apps there and right there you will as well see your current file download progress, so kindly follow next step.
  • Long press and hold on the Downloading File. You will see more new options above or beneath the file.
Note: It all depends on your android version. Other options including Delete Option might be visible without the long press on the file.
  • Now tap on Delete Icon. Confirm to delete the file.

The above is another helpful way to stop download progress. But if it didn't solve the problem then for sure method 3 will.

Method Three
This method helped me stop downloading progress I started up by mistake and I believe this one will surely work for you.


There is no much stress in this method, you just have to access Download App in Settings and then force stop and clear its data. Like I said, this method solved the problem for me and other guys so I believe it will surely work for you.

Now read below how to stop downloading progress by force stop and clearing app data.
  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Select Downloads Or Download Manager(depends on Android Version)
  • Tap on Force Stop and then
    Force Stop

  • Scroll down and Clear Data
    Clear Data
Note: There are two ways to do this. You can drag down the Notification Bar and then long press on the File Downloading Progress. It will display an option (App info).
Downloading Progress

Click on that or an icon like (!) And that will take you directly to Settings-> App-> Downloads. You can now proceed with the above steps.

I believe with these, by now you must have known how to stop download progress on Android.

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Stop Downloading Progress on Recent Android Versions

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