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[Solved]Phone Battery Draining Fast • Increase Android Battery Life✔

Have been listening to complains from android users consigning their Android smart phones draining battery life so early.

Major Reports...
  1. My Android Battery Drains much faster.
  2. Battery no longer last as it use to.
  3. Bought an original battery recently and still battery drains fast.
  4. What can I do to make my Android battery last longer.
  5. More other complains like that.

Listen, I won't go ahead telling you about what you must have heard on how to save battery life(I mean the use of "battery saver" type). Never, instead I'm going to introduce to you a new trick most of you don't know yet even if you must have used an option next to that feature which can possibly help increase battery life.

No much stories, Straight To The Point...

Increase Battery Life
Phone Battery Draining Fast: Increase Android Battery Life

This trick doesn't recommend any third-party app or something. The only requirement is you and your Android Smart Phone.

Let's proceed...
  • While your Android phone is turned on, goto Settings
  • Scroll down and select About Phone
  • Tap on Build Number continuously(I.e 4-5 times).
    Build Number
    While tapping, you see some messages below like...
    Steps to a developer
You are 1,2 or 3 steps to a developer and after that a final message will display like below...
You are now a Developer
Now a developer
  • Now go back to Settings and scroll down. Just above about phone option, you will see a new option you've created named "Developer Option".
Before we proceed, let's have a brief understanding of this developer option.

Understanding The Use Of Developer Options

This option is a created and built-in feature by Android but was hidden from you as a user. Developer Options can help you do extra ordinary things in your Android phone. Like, It gives you the privilege to restructure some Settings your own way.

I would like to give more insights on this option but since we are here to resolve android draining battery issues, I will just go straight to the point and tell you the options to make use of.

Anyway, you can read more about Developer Options if you wish.

Now I believe you have a brief understanding on what Developer Options can do for you. Let's continue...

Hope you have seen Developer Options right where I directed?
  • Tap on it.
Developer Options should be opened by now.
  • Kindly turn ON the switch
    Turn ON Developer Option Switch
  • You will see a message click OK
    Click Ok
  • Scroll down and turn ON " Don't Keep Activities" switch
    Turn ON "Don't Keep Activities" Switch
Don't Keep Activities simply means immediately you leave an app you're using currently it will be exited. Yeah, even though you minimized the app.

And for sure this way you won't have any running app messing up and draining battery life.

After that, you can consider using the next option below "Don't Keep Activities" option which is "Background Process Limits".
  • Click on Background Data Limits
Now it's time for you to select you preferred choice base on your battery capacity.

If your battery is an original one I.e very strong, select Standard Limits coz "Don't Keep Activities" options is enough.

If your battery is fair, consider selecting one of this list...
At most 1 process
At most 2 processes
At most 3 processes
At most 4 processes
Background Data Limits
But if you're using a fake battery, endeavor to use No Background Process.

Background Data Limits simply take tracks and get rid of running background apps on android. So setting it up properly will help increase your battery life.

Remember, original batteries won't last forever. But with the right use, for sure it will last longer.

Implement the above steps and let me know if it helped.

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