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3 Simple Steps To Recover Disabled Facebook Account Fast

Is your Facebook Account blocked or disabled? Where your denied the access to your Facebook Account? And you feel there is nothing you can do to get it back? I have a goodnews for you, letting you know it's not a permanent situation. That is to say your Facebook Account was not blocked or disabled permanently but temporarily which means you still have access to your Account.
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And here right now in this post I have given detailed guide to help you Recover Disabled Facebook Account. No matter how long it have been disabled.
Recover Disabled Facebook Account Fast
Recover Disabled Facebook Account Fast
Now one thing I must tell you is this. If your Facebook Account is blocked, it's for a reason. Your Account can't be blocked just like that without having anything done wrong, there must be something. Yeah, you must have tampered with Facebook terms and conditions in one way or another. So I urge you to stay away from creating new Facebook Account with same device, why? Because it will be blocked or disabled also in short time. The reason is, you are using same IP Address and it's against Facebook terms and conditions to have more than one account.

So to enable your Facebook Account and have complete access to it, keep calm and follow below steps...

If you must create a new Account, do that using a different device. PC is preferable in this case(uses different unknown IP Adresses).


Like I said, your Facebook account was not permanently disabled but was disabled to verify ownership I.e to know if you are truely the one on the profile in which you are in control of. In this case your Facebook account was disabled temporarily unless it have been stated that it's permanently disabled and inaccessible.

Don't loose hope just yet, read below guides to Recover Disabled Facebook Account Easily And Fast.

Method 1

Secure Your Account
Secure Your Facebook Account

This is the first step out of all. In short, it's the first message to see when your Facebook account get blocked. You see message like...
Secure Your Account Add a photo of you so that we can verify your ownership to this account. Upload Photo
Now at this point, don't just get any picture from your gallery and upload.

Photo To Upload

Upload your Current Profile Picture... It will helps Facebook easily see to it that you're truely the one in control of your account.

Upload A Sharp/Close View Photo of you...
It is also recommended that you upload a sharp photo that shows your face clearing in order for Facebook to enable you account back.

Trust me, uploading the right type of photo will help enable Facebook Account Fast.

Photo Format To Upload

Photo format may be considered. And as Facebook knows pictures you take are mainly .Jpeg format, they expect .jpg for fast approval.
Make sure you upload a .jpeg/.jpg  Format.

Method 2

Send A Photo And An Appeal

Following the above right as the first you won't have to worry about method two because your Facebook Account should have been enabled by now.

But if through one way or another your Account is still not opened due unawareness of the right photo and photo format to upload, read below guide to get disabled Facebook account back in short time...

At this point, when you try to log in your Facebook Account after inputting email/No. And Password, look above you will see a message like...

Your Facebook Account Has Been Disabled. Contact Our Help Center

Kindly click on the blod text with link which is 'Help Center'.
Visit Help Center

Now Facebook contact form for temporarily Disabled Facebook Account should display.

What To Do
Fill the form.
Fill form
First Name: Add your first name e.g Sylvester
Last Name: e.g Chidi
Upload Photo: Remember what I told you consigning the type of photo to upload in order for you to Recover Disabled Facebook Account Fast.
Appeal: You are recommended to write an appeal to facebook. Below is how you should write your appeal in order to recover Facebook account fast.

Brief Hint To Write An Acceptable Appeal

As a first time thing you should be calm while writing. Yeah, act like you have no idea why your Facebook Account Was Disabled. So write this way...
My Facebook Account Was Disabled For No Reason.
(This is a hint. You can write better appeal related to mine)
Above method has helped me recover facebook account fast than expected.

Facebook may send an email related to this on below screenshot...Facebook Email

Method 3

Send An ID
Send ID

If you have sent appeals more than ones and it didn't help recover facebook account due more suspicious activities in your account. Facebook will require your ID. ID type include International ID Card, Drivers License and other accepted valid ID's.

Don't have an ID?
Download Fake ID Maker: Make A Fake ID Card.

Take a clear picture of your ID Card. You must make sure it displays your Country, Date of birth, First name and Last name. You should cover other private information on the card like Address, Phone No., Issued Date, Expiry Date and others. In fact, the ones I mentioned is OK for Facebook to open back you disabled account.

Also you can as well upload up to three(3) photos at a time for fast approval.

Bonus Tip

Send Email To Facebook

After trying method three, if your disabled Facebook Account is not opened, check your E-mail(e.g gmail, yahoo etc) you should receive a message from facebook.

Important: The email you received was sent by a human I.e by Facebook team and it can be replied.

The kind of Email you will receive should be related to the one in below screenshot...
Facebook Email

Now if you have gotten to this stage whereby you received this email from facebook, you may ask of what right way to reply Facebook to get solution to your disabled Facebook account.Facebook Email

Way To RepayReply Facebook Email

This time you don't need to be calm.
Ask Facebook why you Account was disabled. Even though, you violated one of facebook terms.
Tell them you are ready to resolve all issues against facebook terms in your account. And that you can't resolve them with a Disabled Facebook Account.

Here is an example...
Why was my Facebook Account disabled for no reason bla bla bla...
Sending email in this sad manner will simply let Facebook understand that you really need this account and that for real you're the right owner.

In Conclusion,
In order for above methods to work more effectively and fast you must make sure you don't have more than at least two(2) Facebook Account on same phone.

Instead, make use of a PC to access facebook. Why PC? Base on research and verification windows IP address are hidden. IP address on computer are strong,untraceable and Facebook doesn't really Disabled Account logged in mostly on Computer.

Congratulations to you in advance, your Disabled Facebook Account will be back soon.
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Above methods helped me recover my personal Facebook Account. And so I believe yours would be recovered in short time as well. Check out my Facebook Profile here.

Make sure you read : Tips To Avoid Your Facebook Account From Getting Disabled.

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