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Best Android Apk To Download Right Now

There are varieties of Android apk apps on playstore and on other third-party websites where android apk apps are available for download.
Android Apk Download
Best Android Apk To Download
It's not an idea to dive in any of these websites, pick any app and start downloading. So to avoid misusing your data for downloading useless and invaluable apps, why not take a look at a list of Android apk to download.


GBoard - The Google Keyboard

GBoard(Google keyboard) Android apk makes typing faster and easier. Its features includes...

Glide Typing - Slide from letter to letter for fast typing like above screenshot.

Voice Typing - You can easily dictate text on the go.

Search And Share - Click on google icon which is G to easily search and share anything from google.

Smiley / Emoji - Make use of different emoji.

GIFs - Search and share animations with GBoard.

Google Translate - Translate any word of your choice on google keyboard.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Android apk as the name implies is password manager and as well a password generator that lock your passwords and personal information in a secure vault.

This Android apk monitors all app log in on Android and endeavour to make sure you personal information is safe. Below are some of its features...

Password Manager- Secures your passwords and personal information.
Password Autofill - fill passwords and personal info with form fill profiles automatically.

Private Notes - Secure private info like Credit cards, photos etc.

Finger Scan Lock - it has finger print to make sure passwords are secure and safe.

Data Manager - Stores folders in secure folder.


Why should your Android device consume battery so fast? With greenify Android apk you can control the consumption of battery on certain apps.

Greenify apk will help increase battery life and phone speed as same way your Android device do last when you first purchase it.

Hibernate - Greenify Android apk automatically hibernate apps consuming battery more.

AndroZip - FREE File Manager

This one have been a long time Android apk. AndroZip™ is known by many, tested and trusted.

It's one of the best android app which file manager, explorer, unzip, unrar and more stuffs like that.

Give AndroZip™ at try today. Many positive comments have been give about this app. Believe me It have been tested and confirmed by me.

Send Anywhere(File Transfer)
Send Anywhere

This Android apk is mainly useful in the aspect of sending files easily and faster anywhere you are. I can't say much about this Send Anywhere Apk but base on good comments from users, I recommend you give it a try.

Smart Transfer - Transfer any file type without altering the others.

6-Digit Password - All you need is one-time 6-digit key for anytime transfer.

WiFi Direct - that is to say transfer works without data or internet, WiFi straight down.

The above listed apps are good suggestions I personal made research on.

Simply note that  it's not a must to download any of the above Android apk. The list was created to give you good ideas on best android apps you can download right now.

Yeah, so the list may be updated from time to time as soon as we discover more.
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Peace and blessings...
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