How To Change Facebook Page Name

OK, your business is undergoing an upgrade or has grown and you feel a change of name is the best choice. Keep calm, the steps in this post will help you change facebook page name successfully.

Change Facebook Page Name
Change Facebook Page Name
I have come across individuals who own and manage a Facebook page for either personal use or blog/websites. And after a long while of getting so many likes and followers from hard work and money spent, they get stuck at changing facebook page name for a new brand/business name.

Trust me its never as easy to change facebook page name that has gotten so many likes and followers. Yeah, it's even not the best advice and Facebook has made it difficult to change page name for an unknown reason.

Now below guide will help change facebook page name successfully. Read on...

  1. Before you will be allowed to change facebook page name you must be an admin or owner of the page.
  2. Also, Facebook only allows change of page name once in 7days. So a bold decision is highly needed here.
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First is to,
Click About
It is located at the top of the page and it's among the first things anyone sees whenever they visit your page.
  • Click
    Click About
Click Page InFo
After clicking about, on next page kindly click on Page Info. Now select Name and...
Change Name
In this step, there are two things involved. If your page like is 200 or less then saving directly won't be a problem, but in a situation whereby page likes is above 200 then Facebook will demand a review.
To change the name,
  • Click on Page Name
    Click on Page Name
  • Enter New Name and
    Enter New Name
  • Click Save Changes if available or
  • Request Change
    Request Changes
Enter Desired Page Name
This is where you have to take the most decision since Facebook only allows change of name once in 7days. Be sure to enter your new page name with caution, think of a name that will last long instead.
  • Type-In new page name in Desire Page Name section.
Add A Document(Documentation)
Facebook requires you to upload a picture of a document with page name written on it in order to verify that you truly own the business/brand name. This way, the name change will take effect.

What If I Don't Have Such Document?
It's not an issue or a big deal either. Kindly meet a Professional Graphic Designer to get an awesome design with your business/brand name on it. For real, Facebook will approve your request with that.

Be Patient
Your request may take some time to be approved. The average duration for the Facebook page name change to take effect is 3days or less.
So you are expected to wait for a while. Kindly go back a check after 3days and see new page name live on Facebook.

Hope the above tips helped? Have you changed Facebook page name ever? What worked for you? Let me hear from you.

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