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[SOLVED]Unable To Access Certain Websites/Webpages

Unable to access a webpage you visited recently or can't access certain websites? It's never your internet connections.

Unable To Access Certain Websites/Webpages

I experienced this with a website I visited recently, closed it and tried to access the website again but it was not connecting. And the funniest part is, my network coverage which i thought was the problem is full, active and wasn't the issue.

Why Not My Network Coverage?
I tried accessing other website with same device, same browser, it worked and loaded smoothly.

So what's the problem?
There are number things which must have gone wrong and i had no idea after been worried for sometime i got one in below list to solved the problem. If  you are unable to access a website you visited recently, follow below tips...


Clear Cache And Other Private Data

If you are unable to access certain websites or a webpage you visited recently, clearing cache and other private data should be your first step to solve the  problem. Anytime you visit a webpage, some specific data are stored on your browser and most times too much of it may cause this clash.
To clear data,
  • Open Browser
  • Go to Settings
  • Privacy
    Clear Data
Now clear cache, cookies, images and others... kindly note that "History" has nothing to do with the inaccessible websites, so skipping history data has no effect in this case.

Check Web Address

Also, wrong typing of web address can affect certain websites from loading. make sure web address well organised following few tips below...
  • Check spellings if your missing out any letter.
  • Have you over-type address?
  • Make sure there is no space in web address.
  • And last, there are some websites or webpages won't be accessible unless "http://" is added correctly.
Another Addition: Make use of "http://" instead of "https://" to access website again, this will help in some cases because most websites authors may inter-switch connections from time to time.

Try Reloading Webpage

Save data must have relaxed, kindly refresh website to increase site responsiveness.
This step may differ depending on browser type. In some browser reload button may be like a 360 icon at the top or bottom on browser screen, some may have it shown as Reload or Refresh while some may not be visible.
To reload page,
  • Click on  3dots and reload.
    Reload Page

Delete Or Moved Webpage

This may be another reason why you are still unable to access certain webpages or websites. Site author must have deleted the page you seek or have re-edited it. To verify that the webpage has been moved or deleted try accessing same site homepage.
You can always do this by,
  • Clicking on website header(name or title), 
  • Click Home or
  • Type-In web address in task bar and enter.

Accept Cookies And Images

Certain websites are accessible if only cookies and image are turned on your browser. Cookies are responsible for good navigation and will make your browsing experience a better one.
To turn ON cookies, kindly go to
  • Browser Settings
  • Privacy
  • Accept Cookies & Images
    Accept Cookies

Clear App Data Or Reinstall App

Finally you will be able access recently visited websites again by clearing app data or un-installing current app. This enables  browser start afresh with new a experience.

After following above steps if you are still unable to access webpage, maybe it's your network service coverage issue. I recommend below guides to resolve the issue.
Website Won't load Correctly Fixed by Whitson Gordon


Turn On Flight Mode

Flight mode turns off every radio connection any device including Data Connections, WiFi, Sms & Calls, etc. And aside from turning off the connections i listed below, flight mode will help change network IP Address to a more refreshed, available and active service.
It's a small aeroplane icon, located in settings on several devices.
  • Turn OFF, then ON in short time.
    Flight Mode
Additional Info: The word Flight Mode may differ base on device type. This feature may be called as Airplane Mode, Aeroplane Mode, Offline Mode or Standalone Mode. Take good note of this.

Change Preferred Network

If you network is set as 2G/3G or 2G only, consider switching to 3G or 4G only to increase network signal strength.
You can always achieve this by,
  • Going to Settings
  • Tap More...
  • Tap on Preferred network Type
  • Now select 3G or 4G only, your choice.
After the above, reboot your device and revisit webpage again. For real it should be accessible right now...

I earlier noticed that most people finds it difficult to use Facebook. I overheard a user some days ago saying "My Facebook page not loading properly i don't why", and not only that, more other complains came up and that's why i provided solution to the problem in post. Below is a link to the article.
Facebook Page Not Loading Properly? Here Is A Quick Fix For You
Do make sure you check it out.

Are you still unable to access a webpage you visited recently? Have you encountered such problem ever? What was your solution?
Let me hear from you.
Do well to share... Someone may need this also.
Peace And Blessing...
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