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Smart Strategies To Open Clickbank Account For Unaccepted Countries

 Opening a click bank account in Nigeria and other unaccepted countries has been a major problem for many. Actually i used to be under this category until i arrived at the steps in this post. So you don't have to worry, in short time, i will give you the smart strategies i used to open click bank account in Nigeria and other countries.

Open CickBank Account
Smart Strategies To Open ClickBank Account

But before i go further, let me explain what clickbank is, why you should create an account and other important things to note.

What Is ClickBank
Clickbank is an online market place which provides products and service to affiliate for promotion or direct sales. Clickbank brings connection between vendors and affiliate marketers, in order to promote products and services to costumers who are interested.
  • Vendor is the person who sells a product. In short, they are usually known  are digital content creators in this case.
  • Affiliate Marketers are those who helps promotes products and services from clickbank. So you and i can as well be a marketer.
How Clickbank Works
Like i explained earlier, it is a platform in between vendors and affiliate marketers. For example when i sign up to clickbank, yeah i now have an account. It's now left for me to go ahead and select a product i had like to promote. I will then get the product, promote it, make sales and earn commission for every sales i make through my affiliate link. If you want to learn how to make sales faster and earn massively form clickbank, you can hit me up privately or submit your email address below.
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Should I Use Click Bank, Is it Safe?
The big answer is Yes. Clickbank is amongst the leading online digital market. And it's highly recognised by thousands of people in the internet world and so far I haven't heard complains about frauds, payments and scams, only that they seize to allow certain countries(e.g Nigeria) have an account. Anyways that will no longer be a problem after reading this post.

Is it Free?
Clickbank is free to use. Signing up or creating an account on clickbank is free. You don't need to worry about later charges after signing up and as well you have full access to any product you want to promote for sale as long as you own an account.

Again, instead of you paying for opening an account with clickbank, or to use their services, they are the one to pay you. Yeah, clickbank gives your unending commission for sales you make via your link. You are been paid using this service but one thing...

Each time you make a sale through your affiliate hoplink, clickbank has 7.5% plus extra $1.

 Is it possible for me to be clickbank affiliate?
Yes it is possible to be an affiliate. Once you sign up and get an account, kindly find a product you had like to promote for sale, get affiliate hoplink, promote product, make sales and earn commission.

Clickbank Gravity
Also known as Grav serves as statistics of sales made by an affiliate. It shows and calculate the number of affiliates currently making sales by promoting a product from clickbank. When there is more sales on certain products, Grav indicates such product as well.

Grav helps inform clickbank users of certain product with high competion. Maybe many affiliate are making sales through certain products, you will clearly see in statistics known as Grav.

What Next? Is there any other thing you'd like to know about clickbank? Let me know in comment section.

In few seconds, i will put you through the smart strategies i used to open clickbank account successfully. Just be set to do some little things in order to get success in the process.

First, there many ways on the internet to open clickbank account in Nigeria and other excluded countries but here in the post, i have provided working tricks i have been using to open clickbank account in Nigeria with ease. So do well to follow below steps to get this done.


1. Hola VPN Strategy
Hola VPN is a vpn app used to redirect or change network IP address from current country network to another of your choice. Believe you now know the power of this vpn, it will help you act like you are in the US or other countries accepted by clickbank, while you get an account in your own country.

It is  now clear to you that without reading further, you've gotten the solution to your problem. But how do i use this app or software to work the way i want it? Let's immediately follow below steps to open clickbank account successfully with Hola VPN.

I,m using Mozilla Firefox for this tutorial but there is still no problem if you make use of Google Chrome because Hola VPN has an extension for each. So what next...

Download Hola VPN | Here
  • Log on type in Hola VPN Firefox Or Chrome depending on your browser type.
  • Select the first option provide by google to download hola vpn to your preferred browser.
  • Click "Get Hola, Its Free" button.
  • Now tick "Free" and click "Install" button. Mind you, Subscription is paid version of the app.
Immediately you will see a pop up with few details about  hola vpn asking you to Save File or Cancel.
  • Kindly click "Save File".
  • Your file is saved. Now goto Downloads and install hola vpn to preferred browser.
After successfully installing vpn, you will see its "icon" at the top right corner of your browser screen. kindly
  • Click on Icon turn ON Hola VPN and
  • Select Country you wish to act like.
I selected Ghana as my country. You can as well choose any other country of your choice.

Back To Clickbank
  • Log on to and click on "Create Account" button at the top right corner of page.
Now check out your Hola VPN and make sure the country you select is active. You can always know if its active by looking at the top right corner of browser screen and hola vpn icon is changed to your preferred country Flag or logo.

Here is what the form looks like in screenshot
Personal Information

To fill the form correctly, kindly follow the tips below...
Preferred Language. Select you language(e.g English)
Country. Select same country in Hola VPN(e.g i used Ghana)
First Name. Use real name.
Last Name. Use real name as well, It won,t affect payment form clickbank.
Street Address. To get a valid address, kindly open a new tab on your browser, log on to, click on "All Countries" located at the top right corner of page navigation and select preferred country.
On next page is full details of a Ghana citizen, so it's either you copy details from there or generate new details with generate box.
Apt/ Suite/ Other section. If you or your business has an Apartment, Suite or Other number, you can add the number here. If not, Skip this section, It's not necessary on clickbank.
Postal Code. Also known as zip code, you can copy code from fakeAddressGenerator or goto google, type in "preferred country" along side "zip code"(e.g Ghana Zip Code). You will get a list of zip codes or just one, kindly copy and paste it in Postal code section.
City. Copy and paste city from FakeAddressGenerator.
Phone Number. Copy and paste number here.
Email Address. Type-in your email address.

Click on Next Step...

Payee Name. Your Full Name here.
Bank Name. Name of bank you use or any bank from country you choose.
Banking Country. Don,t worry select same country in Hola VPN.
Read Terms and Conditions first then tick box, to show that you've read it.

Now click on Next Step...
Account Information

Here input your Account details, Username and Password(follow instructions). You will need this in order to log in to your account.
  • After that click Create Account.
Your Clickbank Should be up and running now.
In some cases, clickbank may require Email verification, check your inbox, comfirm email address and that's it. Below is what the email looks like...
Click Email

Still not working, keep calm and follow more smart strategies.

2. Epic Browser Strategy
Epic browser is a browser that encourages safe and private browsing on the internet. The internet world has become wide, so in order to keep safe and private our daily surfing, it is recommended that you use epic browser. Not only that, epic browser can help you secure you IP Address, Change IP Address and most important it doesn't take your personal data for granted.

Now this is why i choose epic browser for this tutorial. Trust me it will bring great results after use.

For best result,  recommend you create a new, fresh email address in order to activate open clickbank account. Also you need an active payoneer card to get success in the process. You can get one here.

Download Epic Browser
  • Log on to, Download and Install browser.
  • After successful installation, Launch browser.
Now look at the top-right corner of epic proxy, you will see a kind of red angle facing each other known as EpicProxy.
  • Click on it, turn ON the switch and tick UK as your Country.
  • Open a "New Tab", type-in on URL bar to visit the site.
Once the site is opened, the location in details must be United Kingdom (GB) and if not, try turning OFF epicproxy, turn it ON again and reload browser. It should display now.
  • Open Another Tab and log in new Email Address you created Earlier.
  • Log on to with another Tab. Now select...
Gender as Male or Female,
Name set as England/Wales,
Country as United Kingdom.

At this point, FakeNameGenerator will bring forth full details of citizen in England/Wales, Uk. Now you are to copy the necessary information you need to open your clickbank account which is Street, Address, Postal Code, State, City, Phone Number, in case you need them in future.

Since you have gotten all require details, the next step it to open your clickbank account with much ease... Yeah.
Enter all details correctly. Select...
Preferred Language as English,
Country as United States,
Full Name and Last Name as Your Real Name(same as your payoneer card),
Street Address, Postal Code, City, Phone Number from fakenamegenerator,
State. To get state correctly, kindly go to google, type in name of the city you generated from fakenamegenerator, and search. From there, click on that same city explained by wikipedia.
Email Address as the new Email Address you created earlier.

 After filling form, click Next Step button.

The next step button will bring to the next page where you have input your
Payee Name which is your Full Name,
Bank Name. Input any bank name you know in Uk, same location(e.g Citibank or Barclays your choice),
Bank Country which is United Kingdom,
Now click Next Step button...

Finally, it's time to input your account details, i.e your login details.
Add a Username in "Nickname Field",
Add your New Password in "Password Field. Note that clickbank requires strong password for every account, so they recommend users password contains at least two(2) upper case letter, two(2) Lower case letters, two(2) Numbers, two(2) and Special characters(e.g MyPassword12@#).

You can tick box to "Link Existing Account" with this one, if you have any.
  • Now click Continue to Proceed with your account creation.
You will be asked to comfirm your email address. Just log in email in a new tab on Epic browser, open clickbank email, comfirm and that's it. You've successfully created your clickbank account yourself.

3. Ghost VPN Strategy
Like Hola Vpn and Epic browser, Ghost VPN focus mainly on changing network IP Address. Browsing like you're in UK/US while you still in Nigerian or other countries. You can possibly browse anonymously with this VPN as well.

Now, let me show you how to use Ghost VPN open clickbank account successfully in short time. Read below...

Kindly Download and Install Ghost VPN.exe | Download Here.
  • After Downloading app, Launch/open it.
  • Click on "Surf Anonymously", the yellow option.
  • Select UK as country
  • Click on Start Anonymous Surfing, it will establish a new connection and your browser will open in a while.
  • Kindly log on to, wait while website loads...
Now make sure the details on the website display Country as United States or United Kingdom. If so, you are good to go.
  • Take screen short of the details given by for later use or type it some where.
While Ghost VPN is connected, kindly
  • Go to google in new tab and search fake address for the details given at UK fake "City Name" Address) i.e For example: UK fake "Dallas" Address.
  • Alternatively, get fake address and details from or
  • Now open Clickbank sign up page in new tab, make sure Ghost VPN is connected.
Next is to Fill the form provided by clickbank, and below is how...
Select Preferred Language as English,
Country as United States,
Full Name and Last Name as Your Real Name(same as your payoneer card),
Street Address, Postal Code, City, Phone Number from fake address you generated from google or other sources earlier. To get state correctly, kindly go to google, type in name of the city you generated, and search. From there, click on that same city explained by wikipedia.
  • In short Type-in State displayed on
Email Address as your real Email Address, new email address is preferable.

 After filling form, click Next Step button.

Payee Name as Your Full Name
In Bank Name section, go to google and search names of banks in your fake street name(e.g UK "State Name" Banks) i.e UK "Dellas" Banks. You will see a list of banks in that location. Just select anyone of your choice.
Bank Country as United Kingdom
Now open terms and conditions in order to have access to tick box.
Tick box, Verify Captcha and click Next Step...

Final Section which is ACCOUNT INFORMATION.
Enter your preferred Username in "Nickname space". Will be required anytime you want to login your clickbank account.
Then finally, your New Password. Password instruction is, you must make sure you use it contain 2 Upper case letters, 2 Lower case letters, 2 Numbers and 2 Special characters like in screenshot below. It's highly required by clickbank in order to get really secure account.
  • Click on Create Account. Clickbank may require email confirmation. Check email inbox and confirm.
Immediately you will be redirected to sign up page where you will have to enter username and password in order to login to clickbank account.

Boom!!! Success... Your account is ready.
So by now i believe you must have known really well the smart strategies to open clickbank account. Starting from Hola VPN up to Epic browser and finally, Ghost VPN. Trust me, after so much work i came to notice that the methods above are best ways to successfully open clickbank account in Nigeria and other unaccepted countries. And for sure, as soon as i discover new, updated and working strategies, i won't hesitate to share with you. Do well to submit your email address so you don't miss awesome tricks like this.

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