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Facebook Page Not Loading Properly | Here Is A Quick Fix For You

My Facebook page not loading properly is one major complain i've been recieving from members for a while now.

Here is complain from a user;

I logged in facebook and everything was going just fine until after a while all links fails to be accessible.

Another user laid a different complain on "facebook page not loading problem",

Here he says; Facebook won't load properly even though I surf through other webpages easily.

And many more related complains like below...
  1. My facebook is not working properly
  2. Facebook not loading properly on android
  3. My Facebook is not responding
  4. Facebook page won't load all the way
  5. Why is my facebook not working on my phone
  6. And more like that...
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Yeah, no doubts i know that's why you are here. You are looking for a working method to help you resolve this Facebook loading problem.

You don't need to worry any more coz all these are going to be a story of the past after reading this post.

In few seconds i will give you a good list of things you are to do each time you encounter this problem.


Here is the complete guide to solve facebook loading problem
How to fix Facebook Page Not Loading Properly

In a situation like this, if my facebook is not opening the first thing i do is...


Yeah, you know this exists right? Maybe not.
Anytime you install a new app or program on your device, it spikes up this cache to start storing data for the new app you just installed.

This cache doesn't store your login details. It only works well to help make the use of apps easier in the sense that you don't have to repeat the same task twice. It autocompletes previous actions thus, reducing stress of doing it yourself again and again.

So calculating the amount of data stored on Cache right from scratch is already so much evidence that causes facebook to misbehave.

Solution 1 is to delete old cache data, giving space for fresh data in order to resolve "Facebook page not loading properly" problem.

How To Clear Cache Data

For Windows:
  • Goto your browser Settings or Option. Depends on browser.
  • Now Locate and click on Privacy and Security
In Cookies and Site Data section,
  • Click Clear data and untick Cookies and site data
Make sure you tick Cache web contents.
  • Now Clear. Facebook won't load right? See Fast solution here.
Above tips is how to clear cache data via window Mozilla Firefox. So you can explore on other browsers based on what you have learnt here. There is no much difference.

This can be done on mobile as well.

I.e you can also clear cache on Facebook mobile app, whether lite or official Facebook app. Read below...

On Mobile

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and click Apps
  • Select Facebook app
  • Click Storage and Clear Cache.
I believe above tips have helped you resolve this facebook problem.

I'm not done yet. Just in case above tips doesn't resolve "Facebook app not loading properly problem", I have other tips for you.
[SOLVED]Unable To Access Certain Websites/Webpages


If above step doesn't help you resolve Facebook loading problem, you should consider checking you browser to make sure Cookies and Javascript is turned on.

Another thing is to Clear Cookies and Site Data and start everything afresh.

Yes, Clearing Cookies and private site data will wipe off your Facebook Login Details from web broswer in use.
So you simply have to sign in again. Trust me, you won't have to battle with "Facebook page not loading properly" as a problem anymore.

How To Achieve This(i.e Allow or Clear Cookies and Site Data)-

  • Goto Browser Settings Or Option rather. All depends on browser.
  • Locate and select "Privacy and Security Settings".
  • Scroll down and Tick "Accept cookies and site data from web sites (recommended)" to Allow Cookies.
    See how to fix Facebook problem loading
  • Tick "Block cookies and site data (may cause web sites to break)" to Block
    See how to fix Facebook app not loading
  • Click Clear Data and Tick Cookies and Site Data
    Facebook page won't load properly | FIXED
  • Now Click Clear.


In a case like this when Facebook page is not loading properly, after trying above and the problem persists, i quickly dive in facebook mobile site (i.e for less troubles and guess what? It works.
If facebook page doesn't load, use  mobile site instead

It even browse faster than the official web for windows, mac and likes.

Now instead of trying to hit your on the wall consigning this facebook loading problem, it's better you browse Facebok using thier mobile site.

Yeah i think that's better. It's fast, responsive and easy to understand.

The only thing is that, it's not a full landscape screen stuff like that of official It is compressed to mobile phone screen size view.

But that's not a problem right?
As long as you are able to access facebook pages without any problem.

Give a shot and let me know your experience.

But what If i'm using a Mobile Browser or App?
Then this step is limited to Airtel and Etisalat network for now.

If you use Facebook on you mobile browser, try using to login.

Use or, input your login details and login.

Freebasics is a service launched by Facebook in order for you to visit popular websites on your phone for free, i mean with zero data/airtime balance.

But there is a problem with site. Originally you are not allowed view phfotos, videos or go through links  using freebasic but a friend of mine Wisdom Obioha has written an article on how to view photos on facebook free mode.

Do well to check out his info and try out above tips to helps resolve facebook page errors.


This one is another big problem.

As you already know, without internet connection you can  do nothing online. It's even Impossible to access even google without internet connection or zero data balance.

No way.

So this can be the problem with your facebook pages.
Try checking you internet connection if it's turned on otherwise check your data balance. Who knows if you have zero data left.

And if your data balance is the problem, i consider you check out a good list of cheap data plans at affordable prices and as well how to reduce data usage on your device so you won't have to waste money on data the next time you purchase any.
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CONNECTION TEST PROBLEM. Airplane mode stuff.

Is your network going through a test?

Connection test is a period whereby your network connection goes off without even a single network signal left. At times, it happens all of a sudden while you're surfing the internet.

At this point, you won't be able to make calls talkless of browsing the internet.

Quick Tip To Bypass This Test
Turn ON Airplane mode and turn OFF in 20seconds.

To turn ON Airplane Mode...
  • Drag down notification bar and click on Airplane Icon
  • Goto Settings and Tap More...
  • Turn ON Airplane mode switch
That's it.


Wrong Date and Time settings can make facebook page not to load properly.

Try checking your date and time settings and make sure they are up to date.


Which browser are you using? Browser type can be a problem.

Are you making use of firefox? Trying using chrome.

Now i'm not trying to tell you that mozilla firefox is bad for opening Facebook but at times any browser can mishave and that's why i always recommend you have two or more browsers installed on your system so that you can do a quick swap in times like this.
If problem persists then you can always consider deactivating security and adblock softwares on your browser.


Maybe your browser has Ad block feature on it.

Ad Block softwares is designed to block and removes advertisements on pages when browsing. And that is to say this Adblock can cause Facebook not to load properly.

So i recommend you turn OFF  these third-party sofwares if you want Facebook to respond to you.

In case you don't know where these third-party softwares are located, See below screenshot...

It's usually at the top right corner of you browser screen.

Deactivate these softwares, let's see if other steps are necessary.
Image Source
"Facebook page still not loading properly" 


Wrong proxy settings can cause your Facebook not to loading  properly.

Kindly go through your browser settings and make sure proxy settings are correct and well intact.

But I Don't Know Where To Find  Proxy Setting In My Browser, Where is it Located?
Don't worry i have quick tips for you.
  • Goto browser Settings(Usually located at the top right/left corner of browser screen as either Settings or Options) by clicking 3dots.
  • Click General or Advanced Settings. (Depends on Browser)
  • Then Scroll down, you will see Network Proxy Settings.
  • Kindly click through the active clickable button there (e.g like Settings... in above screenshot) and set up your proxy correctly.


This one simple and clear to understand.

Facebook and other popular websites regularly updates their websites and in the process of these update, they implement new codes in their web scripts in other to increase users engagement with activities on their website.

Now this is it. After running this update, the new added changes may fail to work with your current  browser and that's why you should quickly check if there is an update or the latest version of your current browser and download it.

Here is link to the latest versions of...
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Update your current browser and try loading Facebook again.


Facebook page not loading properly only arises when some settings on your browser are wrong.

And believe me, anytime Facebook pages won't load, my first To Do option is to Clear Cache on browser, Allow cookies and javacripts, then if error persist that's when i go further and try implementing the rest.

If after trying out above tips and Facebook doesn't load properly, then maybe Facebook servers is down. You should consider waiting for sometime and try again later.

And by now i believe Facebook page not loading properly is not a problem to you anymore.

Over to you.  

Are you facing same issue or similar?

Hope above tips work for you.

Let me know your experiences with Facebook.

More Peace And Blessings Guys...

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