[MTN INTERNET SETTINGS] 1 Crazy Trick To Browse Faster On Mtn

Even though MTN is one of the best network providers in Nigeria when it comes to speed, there are still sometimes in which their services tend to misbehave even while your data connection is ON and your MTN internet settings are correct.

When in a serious time browsing the internet or maybe chatting on social media, you notice a kind of sluggishness in the network. Sometimes it may cause errors loading. (I.e. website may not load properly anymore)

Here are Some Mtn Internet Settings To Boost Browsing Experience
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I have come across this times without number and the tricks I want to show you today is one of which I use to bypass this network problem and increase MT browsing speed each time network get slow.
But just before I proceed to the simple trick I use to increase MTN browsing speed, let me quickly walk you through some important information you need to know about MTN network service.

About MTN Network Service

Base on my experience, I have discovered that Mtn is one of the best network service providers in Nigeria. Their signals are usually stable even though service tend to fumble at times, I still prefer Mtn network provider to any coz “them dey hardly fall my hand”. Yeah, I’ve been using their service for a long time and I can tell you for real that if you’re not using Mtn, you are missing out in terms of network coverage.

And talking about Mtn Data Plans, they are affordable and they don’t lie about data prices. They give you exactly what you paid for and instead of reducing your data; they may even top it up with additional free bonus data.

Right now, I’m currently enjoying Mtn double data bonus. And according to them, they said it a 3months offer. (i.e. All through this 3months section you can subscribe as much you want to accumulate data.)

But my MTN browsing speed is slow and sometimes may not even browse at all.

Are there any MTN internet settings you know that can help me increase my browsing speed?

Hello there, keep calm, in a few minutes I will let you know this 1 crazy trick I use to boost my MTN browsing speed X100 anytime network misbehaves.

Now instead of directly asking for alternative settings to increase browsing speed, it's better you know the reasons why your Mtn internet connection is slow at the moment.


  1. Too much user on one server. That is, a lot of people is currently using the same configuration setting to browse the internet. Of course, you know Mtn is no child’s play network, they’ve millions of user almost every you go.
  2. You are using Mtn default configuration settings. This one is similar to number 1. 
  3. And you currently don't know about the trick I will be sharing with you in a very short time.

So what’s up with these Mtn internet settings that will help me browse faster than ever?

YO! Below is how I managed to increase MTN browsing speed in seconds…


Right now you are highly expected to pay close attention to this trick coz it’s going to be kind of tricky in accordance with the post title.

Here is how it goes. I will give you three different settings to bypass slow connections on MTN and so that you can always interchange.

Don’t worry, I'll tell you what I mean, the names of the settings (my own though) and when to change.

Below are the settings
1.      Mtn Default configuration settings.
Screenshot 1

Name:                  BaseOnTechs 1
APN:                   web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
APN type:                    default
Proxy:                   Leave blank
Port:                    Leave blank
Username:                    web or leave blank (your choice)
Password:                    web or leave blank(your choice as well)
Leave the rest at default.

2.      Configuration settings with Proxy - I call this one "My Mtn Private Proxy"
Screenshot 2

Name:                          BaseOnTechs 2
APN:                     web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
APN type:                     default,supl
Port:                      8080
Username:                     web
Password:                     web
Leave the rest at default.

3.      Custom Configuration Settings For Mtn
Screenshot 3

Name:                   BaseOnTechs 3
APN:                          web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
APN type:                    default
Port:                          8080
Username:                   web
Password:                   web
Leave the rest at default.

I know you still don’t understand why I listed above setting but just chill let me explain.

Now the reason for the above settings, like I said earlier, are for interchanging. Yes, you are to switch these settings anytime your network connection is slow or doesn't browse at all.

The best way I do this is to add three new APN’s (Access Point Names) and label them so I can easily do tick anyone I want at the moment. Below is what I mean in the below screenshot.

Here is My Own Format. I.e how i prefer. You have your choice.

 I think that will save you much time.

And if you ask me, the best MTN internet settings I prefer is the Configuration Settings with Private Proxy. Trust me I recommend that settings to you as well. But you know, it all depends on your area though. That’s why you have to try out all in order to see which one covers your need and of course, I will like to know which one works best for you in the comment section.


Then probably, it’s either MTN servers is undergoing an upgrade or servers are down.
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Yeah, that’s it.

Try using above working MTN internet settings and trust me you won’t have to border complaining about internet connection problems or having slow browsing experience anymore, coz I believe by now, you now know the trick to increase browsing speed on MTN.

And if you’re smart enough, you can simply resolve the slow connection problem on other network based on the tricks I have given. Don’t mind me though; I know you’re way smarter; you still have to check out my articles on other networks in case you a user.

Do well to subscribe so you don't have to miss my next trick.

Most importantly, I have come to the end of today’s tutorial and with above MTN internet setting I have given, you will finally say bye to slow browsing experience.

So which of the settings worked for you?

Feel free to let me know if you have any problem in the comment section below.

Also, I will love to hear from you. Is there any other method you use to bypass slow connection?

More Peace and Blessings Buddy…

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