Privacy Policy

Here at, our users' privacy is taken seriously and we as well respect the interest and participation of users. The information been used and collected from users(e.g visitors, members, etc) would simply be explained in this policy to help you make the right decisions when dealing with your personal information online.

Information Collected On

This section involves how information is collected and what it is used for.

Voluntary Information: This information is collected from you if you choose to provide them. This information can be your name, your contact information(e.g Email address), your date of birth, and others, when you sign up or subscribe to our newsletter for free updates, or when you involve in promotions and other activities on the site that needs such information.

This kind of information may also be collected whenever you wish to join a conversation on this site. Please when discussing, never post your personal or private information. Any text you publish will be noticed and seen by all the members of this site and by public visitors.

Information Collected Automatically: The moment you access, we automatically collect certain information with some valuable tools which are Cookies, Web beacons, etc. The information collected automatically when you visit this site includes Internet Protocol(IP) address, the type of device you use in accessing the web(e.g to check out if you use a computer or mobile and display the right view), your browser information, system settings and other information that are required to make your browsing experience a great one.

More explanations on cookies, web beacons, and others...

Cookies: These are little files that all websites, blogs, and other services online use to store information on user preference, and this information are usually stored on the user's own computer, device, Or in "local storage". Note that cookies can be turned off in different browsers at any time you wish but turning it off can reduce certain features functionality that requires cookies on the site.

Web Beacons: These are little files that are used for various purposes such as linking web pages, records user-specific information on which pages the user access or visits, it automatically counts the number of visitors to a site and other valuables. 

How We Use Information Collected

We use the information collected to receive and give a response to your comments, questions and as well keep you updated with the Email Address you have provided, provide you product and services you may need, To protect and guard your identity against fraud and online scam, assist you by directing you to a portion(e.g another website) where you could get products and services that interest you and more.

Third-Party Use Of Cookies

➧ Google may use cookies to serve ads on this site as a third-party vendor.
➧ Google uses cookies to enable ads are served according to visitors' interests.
If you wish to see more on google's use of cookies to display ads, kindly read google's use of cookies in advertising and more...

Update And Changes To This Privacy Policy

We may update or make changes to this policy at any time and these changes will be posted here. The date and time will be indicated on when last this policy is updated.

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